Schoch Edelstahl at the Badische Zeitung - "Unternehmen im Blick" (Companies at a glance).

The special edition „Unternehmen im Blick“ (Companies at a glance), of the Badische Zeitung, looks
at the innovative solutions of local companies to secure their global market position. We were also
allowed to comment on this.
We spoke to the Badische Zeitung about our strengths and competencies, which we have now built
up and continuously developed for over 50 years.
In the report we talk about our foundation and further development. The origin in 1964 in the
basement of the Schoch family home. The construction and move to a new factory building in 1983.
The expansion of our competencies in CNC manufacturing, logistics and service, to our current
business model as a full-service provider in the field of stainless steel turned and milled parts, in
combination with supply chain management and cost reduction models.