Further technical development of our drainage taps!

In 2015, the drainage taps ½ „were technically developed in a start phase. Now follow all other common sizes (see data sheet).

Because of a new seal, the drain taps will in future withstand much higher pressure and are virtually maintenance-free – with the same dimensions!

In the previous seals, a lubricant is used. Since this has a manufacturer-specified thermal dropping point of 180 ° C, had to be dismantled and relubricated after multiple flames of the chicks. In addition, the self-protective mother had to be replaced.

The new seal is a PTFE packing without lubricant. The pressure capacity of the drain cock increases from PN 6 to PN 25! The thermal operating limit of the PTFE is 250 ° C, but according to the manufacturer 200 ° C should not be exceeded. By dispensing with a lubricant eliminates the previously necessary disassembly after multiple flames.

Convince yourself, in a few weeks, the first valves are available from stock. If you are interested or in need, please contact your personal contact.r.