Schoch Edelstahl donates to the unicycle club "Team Ursli" in Liechtenstein!

The sponsor ride took place on March 31, 2019 in Schaan (Liechtenstein) and a total of 12'164.- CHF
(approx. 10.870€) was collected!
The collected money will now be donated directly to the unicycle club "God Knows Better (short:
GKB)". This unicycle club from Lagos in Nigeria exists now for 5 years. The goal for 2019 / 2020 is to
find a larger building to establish the GKB Academy. This would be a safe home for children from the
worst areas of Nigeria. The academy would also provide daily school attendance and ensure there is
enough food and drink each day.
We donate to this project because this great social project needs a lot of money. We are proud to
have contributed to this project as Schoch Edelstahl!
More information and pictures of this sponsor trip can be found here